Tuesday 9 June 2015

Rewards for running - Bounts

Gaining real money off loads of high street stores just by doing the running that you'd be doing anyway? When I heard this deal I just about snatched the arm of 'Bounts' right off! Bounts is just that, a website that talks to your various tracking and activity apps and grants you points which accumulate to give you money-off vouchers for loads of shops, restaurants and more.

It handily talks to lots of the most popular apps including Fitbit, Runkeeper and Strava and for each activity you complete you will gain Bounts points that you can save up and cash in for your vouchers - I'm rather a Gap junkie so am thrilled to grab vouchers for this one whenever I have enough.

The other great thing about Bounts is that it's free to join - you can even grab some extra points for free if you quote my code when you sign up - just use godbeer1286 and we'll both get 20 free points!

Junathon update - an easy 5k recovery run for me today on a very blustery afternoon!

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