Thursday 18 June 2015

Five things I love about running

There are plenty of reasons to love running - here are five for starters!

1. It's time for me. Life is busy and so often on someone else's timescales but running is the time where I'm totally in control of my own destiny.

2. It gives me a sense of achievement. No matter how small the achievement, you can always take something positive from a run, even if it's just that you laced up and got out there and did it.

3. I love to eat and running equals more calories to play with!

4. The gear - I'm a big fan of shopping for a hobby - now I get the chance to buy shoes, running clothes and a seemingly endless array of accessories! Somehow when it's for a healthy pursuit it's even easier to justify to myself!

5. It's a stress reliever - running home or stopping off for a run during my drive home seems to work wonders for taking my mind off the stresses of the work-day. It's much rarer nowadays for me to lose sleep over thinking about work.

Junathon update - I'm really not a fan of the hot weather, I'm much rather be running first thing in the morning. But my schedule called for a post-work 7km and what is supposed to be an easy paste. Did't feel very easy today!


Peter Floyd said...

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Tonya J. Wilson said...

There are a lot of motivations to love running - here are five for one thing!

1. It's the ideal opportunity for me. Life is occupied thus frequently on another person's timescales yet running is the time where I'm absolutely in control of my own predetermination.

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